HA Client 0.5.0

This is it! 0.5.0 and copy/paste color! 0.5.0 and timers! 0.5.0 and iframe panels!

I don’t know which feature should be the main for current release, so you decide. I’ll just show it.

You can now copy color of any light and paste it to any of it. Color of the buttons will prompt you what was copied and what you are about to paste:

Also there is a new control for light entities “White value”. Will appear for supported lights.

Another good thing is timers support with real time countdown:

Next feature was highly requested by some testers, so here you go, both buttons at the same time for lock entities:

Next is special row elements support for entities card including dividers, web links, sections and service calls. Here you can see an example of service call element (“Joining permission” is not an entity) and wed link element “zha_new” that will open configured url in your default browser:

One of my favorite for this release is Chrome Custom Tabs integration and Panels list fetching. This integration allows me to add support for iframe panels. So now you can open Configurator right in the app. Well almost in the app because technically it is a part of Chrome browser. In theory if your system not supporting Custom Tabs, the link will be opened in your default browser.

Also you can now easily navigate to Home Assistant web UI right from menu with “Open Web UI” item:

Missed entities now shows a message for you just like in default HA UI:

Entity pictures size was increased to look better:


  • Calendar and Updater now has default icons.
  • Material Design Icons was updated to 3.5.95
  • entity_picture from Gravatar service and any other external source now works
  • SVG graphics still not supported
  • Mute button is back for media_player entity
  • Worst bug in the app was finally fixed: navigation through views now works even after views count changes

There also was some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for testing!

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