HA Client 0.6.6 – What’s New?

It’s been a while since last update on HA Client here on Some Geeky Website so it is time to review all new main features implemented in this native Android client for Home Assistant.

Home Assistant OAuth

No more access tokens generation! HA Client will generate it for you automatically. You just need to login to your Home Assistant.

For those who is in-love with manual tokens generation there is “Manual” button in the upper-right corner that leads to Connection settings where you can past your ling-lived token.

Mobile app integration

Yep HA Client now creates it’s own “Mobile App” Integration in Home Assistant and this integration already has a device_tracker entity. On the moment of 0.6.6 release GPS tracking is not implemented yet, so the state of that device will be constantly unknown.

It doesn’t mean that current integration is useless.


Along with currently useless device_tracker there is new notify service will be created. You can use it to send simple notifications to your device:

Panels and authenticated webviews

Starting from HA Client 0.6.5 you can find all your Panels in main app menu. Most of them will open a webview with this panel from your Home Assistant web UI. Those panels marked with “webview” label.

Webview will not ask you to login again because HA Client opens it using Home Assistant external authentication.

Share media url

It is possible now to share anything to HA Client with Android share menu. If shared data will be a text (some url) HA Client will show you a “Play media” page:

On that page you can choose content type and media player to play and even use media extractor, if it is enabled on your HA.

There was also a lot of small improvements and bug fixes. Keep calm and wait for location tracking.

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